To My Children

To My Children

Today,I use the English to write this because of the CET-6 which is

My dear children,

This movie gave me violent passions.So great and excited for me.

I always know that I am gonna have a baby or two in the near future,
though I have no idea when and how will you guys come to my life, but I
just know it.

Firstly.Uncle Mi s acting skill and his give for this movie.He lost
almost 35kg weight between his prime of life and old age.

Fat one

 I want you to know that you are welcomed at any time.

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Strong one

I have to tell you the truth, I am dating someone now(maybe he will be
your Papa in the future, but I am not so sure yet, cause you know, life

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I can’t say I love him,cause in my heart, love is too heavy for me, I
can’t say I love somebody so easily, and I shall never ever change.(You
may think I am a little stubborn.)

Indian good medal dream.i see the two girls no happy no enjoyment no
youth.But they have dream .they like wrestling.they pay out their all
focus and energy for it.Short hair can prove .

Last but not least

Actually it bothers me a lot cause I can’t stop wondering why he falls
in love with me at first sight,I am not pretty, not smart and even kind
of selfish. His emotion comes too fast and strong for me to absorb,  I
feels breathless somehow.

The women in india

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I believe True Love does exists in the world, but I don’t believe it
wills happens on me. I have seen so many couples get married and then
end with divorce. I swear, I never doubt their heart for each other when
they were making promises solemnly on stage, but how come they become
suspect, hate even curse on each other. What changed their love? I am
afraid I might be the same, I’d rather hide my heart deeply rather than
being deserted.

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I am a coward and pessimist, I have to admit. Anyway I am learning to be
strong and brave now, cause I want to be a good wife and a nice Mommy at
the same time. 

That’s all.Thank you

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By the way, I always hope that one day I got a baby girl, I’d like to
name her Laura , and a boy Vincent. Hope you don’t mind. Since you
haven’t come to my life yet, I have to call you my baby child. I love
you with all my heart whether you are a handsome boy or a lovely girl.

In my whole life, I will be grateful for the world brings you to me.