Season 1 值得一看, Season 2 不看

Season 1 值得一看, Season 2 不看

The art of the sale is all about what you leave out.
“83 classic wagon; (tough to find parts)
 They don’t make them like this anymore; (for legal reasons)
 Enjoyed for many years by one happy family; (of raccoons)”

For season 1, this is a good drama series.

I’m kidding. Acutually… actually, it did make us happy for a long
It’s gonna be tough to say goodbye.
It always is.
Nobody loves change.
But, part of life is learning to let things go.

I like it..

There’s nothing mystical about an earthquake.
Pressure builds, and it’s released.
And you just hope there’s not too much damage.
But it makes you realize what matters.
And for me, that’s my family.

But season 2, begin boring and no interest to finish it..

Sometimes I just think my job is to make sure you guys don’t fall on
your faces.
That’s hard job in the Dumphy house.
We fall a lot.
Maybe your real job is to be the person who picks us back up.
Nobody does that better than you.

Good afternoon. Thanks for coming.
It’s so nice to spend my birthday surrounded by so many smiling faces.
I was almost too depressed to come today. I realized I let my childhood
slip away.
I really thought it was too late for me. But watching all of you acting
like children, it hit me — I’ve got plenty of time left to be a kid.
Anyway, happy birthday to me.