The screenshot has sort of texture that carries weight and dignity of
the old time while the plot endows the royal family with humanities. A
finely-produced and detail-oriented biodrama, where the acting
performance of the cast is exquisite and superb.


She’s beautiful.

She’s kind.

She’s gentle.

She’s generous and gorgeous.

She’s vigorous and positive.

She’s the sunshine rising from the east.

She’s the lark singing in the forest.

She’s the kitten sleeping in my side.

She’s the angel embracing behind of me.

She is fulfilling my life and soul.

She’s the girl.

You must have owed her love in the ex-life and God gets you met again to

You are fortunate enough having been loved so deeply by such a girl.

You are the richest person in this world as there’s endless happiness
derived from your heart because of her.

She’s your destiny.

Kiss her, hug her, love her, take care of her, be accompany with her
wherever and whenever as much as you can for this mortal life.

She’s your girl and she’s your life.


Eve of Valentine’s Day