A good film

A good film

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In the film,we’re enthralled by the twins’ beauty and joyfulness.They
love their families,therefore,they tried their best to fix the broken
relationship between their parents. From it,we can see some valuable
ablities we lost when we grow up.Besides,it’s really important for
children to grow up with a happy family.In a word,we’d better learn to
treasure our families and treat them good.Oterwise,we’ll be regret for
which we should have done before or we had done something wrong.

I don’t understand Tom Cruise agreed to star in such a mediocre film.
Obviously he should take on more serious roles, like the Vietnam war
veteran in Born on the Fourth of July, or he could make more
entertaining films, such as the Mission Impossible franchise. This film,
American Made, uses a rather superficial way to approach a somehow
“legendary” figure Barry Seal in the history. There are just too many
voice-overs, which certainly interrupts the pace of the film. The
character development fails completely and you never know what the
protagonist is thinking. It is neither serious enough nor entertaining
enough to make a hit.