might choose Louis Koo because I am a person who prefer someone i love
more rather than smone who love me more. I respect my feelings a lot and
i just cant accept someone i do not love enough.It is unfair i
think.Anyway, in the movie, Gao love 丹尼尔勒 Wu also. In this regard I
prefer Louis, haha. However, in no way can I accept my BF have an affair
with others girls when he is dating me, which is universally to everyone
On the other hand, Gao is a girl deserves the love by the two perfect
guys. She is smart, hardworking and beautiful. Although there are more
or less sth fake in each movie, I choose to believe such a stroy, pretty
girl and her love.
One thing i must mention is that the movie is kind of illogical! Some
activities of the starings are too fast ,aren’t they? However,it is the
illogical gut makes the movie exciting and attractive, maybe.

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The End.