1.FBI Teacher:Don’t let me down.
Utah:I don’t plan on it,sir.

2.Johnny:I saw you on that wave today.It was epic.太绝了.
Samsara:I love the sea.Its power.
Johnny:I got a real taste of that today.
Samsara:(转过脸笑)Yeah,I saw you eat shit.
Johnny:Oh,you saw that?Good.Perfect.That’s awesome.
Samsara:Hmm.Nature will always find a way to make you feel small.

3.Samsara:We don’t believing in owing.
Utah:What do you believe in?
Samsara:That you choose your path.本身的路自身选.

4.Utah:So,what does Samsara mean?
Utah:Can a wanderer have a path?
Samsara:Yeah,for sure.But it’s only when you stop looking for one that
you find it.
Utah:How do I stop looking?
Samsara:Let’s just be here.

5.Bodhi:You lacked respect.贫乏敬畏之心.There was no connection.There
was no beauty.

6.Utah:It’s pretty decent.
Bodhi:There are a few things in life I don’t compromise on.
Bodhi:Try not to.
Bodhi:We live on it.Just on own terms.
Utah:What terms?
Bodhi:You wouldn’t get it.We change the grid.We give back.

7.Bodhi:But you let someone else determine the direction your life
took.That I judge.

8.Bodhi:Pass the rock.
Utah:Oh,you funny assholes.


10.Bodhi:It’s not that simple.Ozaki spoke of balence.尾崎提到过平衡.It’s
not about risking our lives for personal gain.It is about becoming part
of something that is much greater than ourselves.

11.Bodhi:You need to read the flow.必得洞悉气流.Become the wind.
B2:Or you’ll hit your point.不然就能撞到你的点.
Utah:What point?
B1:The point where you break.
B2:Where fear becomes master,and you’re its slave.
Bodhi:A man who pushes his boundaries ultimately finds them.
Utah:So basicly you’re saying I’m gonna die.
B1:We’re all gonna die.The only question’s how.So,you wanna keep
going,or are you turning around?

12.Bodhi:Ozaki wanted to complete The Eight to bring the world’s
attention back to the beauty of this planet.The fact that it is dying.We
have to give more than we take.If we want to stop the destruction of the
very place that gives us life.That’s the path we’re on.That’s what we’re
looking for.We’re not here to reach enlightenment to find nirvana.We’re
here to try to save this place by becoming one with it.And to do
that,you need to be able to let go of your sense of
self.Completely.There’s no turning back.
So go whichever way your heart tells you,Utah.And if you are on the same
path as we are,I may see you at dawn.

13.C1:You know,he doesn’t own these mountains,just like he doesn’t own

14.Samsara:Do you need a privacy?
Utah:No,I’m good.

15.Utah:Why the young guy say something?Why didn’t he tell the world?
Samsara:Maybe he had other ideas.大概他想到了别的办法.It wouldn’t have
made a difference anyway.做如何皆是对事情未有什么支持了.As much as I worshipped
Ozaki,that was his Achilles’ heel.独一的劣点.He truly believed that he
could change the world with an idea.

16.Bodhi:You see lines.We see truth.That’s the difference between you
and me.

17.Pappas:Try not get yourself killed,kid.

18.Utah:”The Act of Ultimate Trust.”那是毫无保留的信任.Jump.Bodhi went
over the falls on purpose.目标往瀑布里跳.

19.Bodhi:Isn’t that beautiful,brother?This is my path.Let me complete

20.Airplane:Where to?

21.Wasatch Mountains,Utah.